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Real Nappy Week: Why Go Cloth

What lies beneath that adorable nappy... FULL DISCLOSURE: I do not use cloth nappies exclusively. I admit this below. I give full props to those who are 100% cloth. I also give props to those who use cloth 25% of the time -- we are all doing what we can for our own reasons!  This week is Real Nappy Week, so I thought it would be good to talk about cloth in general. Regardless if you use one cloth nappy a day or 40 -- you are making a difference whatever your motivation for using them. Don't be discouraged, there is plenty of help available if you know where to look!  There are many reasons to use cloth nappies. Money Savings : It may not seem it in the short term but throughout the duration of when you would be using diapers (birth to potty) - using cloth saves money. Let's assume you by 20 cloth diapers are £10 a pop, thats £200. According to the internet , the average number of nappies used in a babies first year is 2,500 (crikey). Looking at Amazon, the averag

Elvie Breast Pump: Review

Elvie Breast Pump: A Review When I first saw the Elvie Breast Pump at John Lewis -- I was still pregnant. I took one look at it, noted the price, and quickly moved on. Blimey - pricey! I didn't need that... Then I got more pregnant. And I started to research more things, And I started to realise how different my life would be. I am currently typing this one-handed while my other arm is currently being used by my one month old. :: the next evening :: Right where was I? Then I realised that after having the baby, my life would change quite a bit. Any way I can save some time doing 'life-admin' can be used to interact with my baby and maybe... just maybe, a nap.  What's In the Box One you order a single hub, you get (almost) two of everything you need to pump your luxury milk into two 5oz bottles (which can be refrigerated/frozen). They also provide you two different sizes for your nipple guards, with a smaller one (21mm)  being available for sale