Elvie Breast Pump: Review

Elvie Breast Pump: A Review

When I first saw the Elvie Breast Pump at John Lewis -- I was still pregnant. I took one look at it, noted the price, and quickly moved on. Blimey - pricey! I didn't need that...
Then I got more pregnant. And I started to research more things, And I started to realise how different my life would be. I am currently typing this one-handed while my other arm is currently being used by my one month old.

:: the next evening :: Right where was I?

Then I realised that after having the baby, my life would change quite a bit. Any way I can save some time doing 'life-admin' can be used to interact with my baby and maybe... just maybe, a nap. 

What's In the Box

One you order a single hub, you get (almost) two of everything you need to pump your luxury milk into two 5oz bottles (which can be refrigerated/frozen). They also provide you two different sizes for your nipple guards, with a smaller one (21mm)  being available for sale on their website

Oh and like any other new gadget, you have to charge the hub first (cable provided) -- which takes about two hours. No batteries needed. 

You also need to sterilise everything (well not the hub, thats electronic and bad things would happen if you tried that) before each use. I would also recommend getting different containers for longer-term storage. I got some Mason jars. These also have to be sterilised. 

In a throw back move, Elvie provide paper instructions, which you can obviously also find on the internet.  I wish they would skip the paper, maybe just one piece of paper with the URL on where to find the instructions. 


Assembly is quite easy and straightforward. If you don't believe me, check out my YouTube video below. Once you know which nipple guard to affix, it's a simple process of placement in your bra, ensuring the correct breast is selected, and pressing 'play'. Away it goes. It automatically mimics the fast suction at first followed by the slower more methodical suction. If you want to up the intensity (or turn it down) you can do that too. 

Once you are finished, simply store the milk and then wash the necessary components. Store for next time!

Using the App

Considering how much you paid for the the breastpump, I would assume you would want to use the app as well. The hub connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth and can do all the things you can do on the hub itself and then some. With the app you can set a timer to notify you when you have pumped for a certain amount of time. It also estimates how much milk you have pumped (although I found this pretty hit & miss) and records it for you. If the measurements are incorrect, don't worry you can figure it out the old fashioned way (eg look at the bottle) and amend it. 


So Elvie tout this as silent. I would call it quiet-- but not silent. Would I feel comfortable walking into a library with this? No way. A pub? Sure. However I am not sure you can turn off the lights when the device is powered on, so unless you are wearing layers or want to feel a bit like Tony Stark it seems a bit obvious something is happening. And although it fits into a bra pretty easily (they have included straps to help make this fact true for everyone) it does make a noticeable difference in cup sizes.


Not going to lie - the pricetag on this is quite steep compared to other pumps. With more similar products hitting the market, I can easily see Elvie dropping in price to stay competitive. Also the resale value can be pretty good, as are most high end children's items. 

Walking around the house getting other shit done though really is what makes this product shine. I can also see it being used when traveling and need to express. I will be traveling back home and plan on using this quite often. Also as its so small it won't take up tons of luggage space. 


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