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Review: Baby Massage

Even a baby can tell you which move they like the most.... Baby massage sounds like one of those silly things that 'woke' people swear by, when we all know back in our day  our parents never took baby massage classes, as they were too busy going uphill both ways in the snow going somewhere. However, I encourage you to give these classes another think. There are quite a few benefits to taking a class. Why?   Even if you think the whole thing is bubkiss, you can't deny that skin to skin contact is important to strengthen the bond between you and your baby. You learn massaging all different sections of your baby. Face, back, legs, arms, chest and tummy. Plenty of time to bond. Its encouraged to get your little one down to their nappy (you can go full monty if you are feeling brave... but guess what your little angel do when they are relaxed!). Does your baby suffer from colic? Or has 'rough evenings'? Baby massage can help to pass wind/gas which is norm

Frame: Mumhood Classes Review

At dinner with friends a few weeks back, I was lamenting on how hard it is to find "mummy and baby  fitness classes". For living in London I thought this seemed 'a bit off'. It seems like there are more classes further afield (Chiswick, Ealing, Greenwich, etc) but not as many closer to home. Why can't the bigger gyms (Fitness First or Virgin for example) offer these classes? However there are some places that do cater to the fitness mum - one of them is  Frame . Storm Trooper outfit optional... but is it though? Frame has multiple studios dotted across London: Shoreditch, Kings Cross, Fitzrovia, Victoria, Hammersmith, and Farringdon. They have been around since 2009 and would be classed under 'boutique gyms'. They dont have your classic gym floor with treadmills and weights, but they focus on different classes to keep people motivated. I signed up for their introductory offer of two classes for £20 at their Shoreditch location. The normal cost v